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Disclaimer/Terms of Service


A User, refers to person which requests information from the website

A Website, refers to a entity which shares data over internet

A Webmaster, refers to a person or entity by whom the website documents are entitled to be governed

A Admin, is a person who is the owner of the website and who however covers all kinds of control over the website

A Discrepancy, is a term which resembles an error of some sort which might have crept in data and may have remain unnoticed by the developers at the time of creation, update, modification of content.


The terms referring to the website hereby state that any data or so called information is formed, reformed, maintained, updated and/or organized from/by using other different web sources. is not responsible for any discrepancy which might have crept in. As the discrepancies are result of human efficiency which does not guarantee error free work, while using the website, visitor discretion is required.

It will be greatly acknowledged if any user having direct or indirect or no relation with the website or its associated entities enters into the website sources to clarify the errors though comment boxes or other contact resources.

Any claim regarding information, activity, or member of the website mentioned directly or indirectly in this document is hereby firmly disclaimed.

By using the website, user agrees to all the above terms and is hereby promoted and advised to read the terms very carefully.





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