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Before the exam

Before the exam :-

Students Zone :-

Before exam it is quite natural to feel nervous. But never give a lot of weight on that. Engage your

attention on what you have studied. Keep yourself well hydrated and eat moderately. Avoid spicy and

oily food that can upset your stomach.

Practice deep breathing techniques to keep anxiety at bay.

Don’t try to devour the whole book again before the night of the examination. Study strategically before

the night of the examination. Revise to refresh only not to restudy.

Try to be as relaxed as possible and approach the day of exam as any other day. Thinking of the exam

day as any regular day would help you keep calm and relaxed.

Always visualize about the good outcome, keep the negative things out of your mind. Positive things

would usher in a kind of confidence in you that will help you keep focused.

Have tight sleep before the night of examination and stay positive!

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