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Jobs and Career Guide 2018-19 was started to create awareness among students of India and abroad about various Training and Career Opportunities which can help them grow in their desirous career. It is a motivational website where you can find Jobs and Career Guide with interview guidelines, exams and results news, training materials, motivational kits and more which may help one to succeed in their career. was started with a wonderful intellect and vision for the improvement of education and career of students. It was due to his vision and efforts due to which it was possible to bring out in most attractively functional way.

Since its launch, has got large fan base locally and is rapidly growing. It is expected that will be able to provide additional and advanced Career opportunities to students and the work in this area has started as well. We believe that one day will become one of the largest websites offering Career building advice, Jobs news and Opportunities, Interview guidelines and motivations and more.


  1. Jobs news
  2. Examinations news, guidelines, preparation materials and results
  3. Interview guidelines
  4. Events and talks
  5. Newsletters
  6. Advanced learning kits
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